Friday, June 19, 2009

2-year-old hospitalized after falling out Mpls. window

2-year-old hospitalized after falling out Mpls. window
A two-year-old boy is recovering Tuesday after falling out of a second-story window in Minneapolis.
Police say the incident happened around 5 p.m. in the 2700 block of Bloomington Avenue South. The boy fell from a porch area on the second floor of the home, which is under construction.
"I told them a couple weeks ago to cover up that window, to do something because the kids can jump from there. So they put up a piece of plywood to cover up so he can't go up," said neighbor Cesar Prado.
The boy broke a few bones from the 16-foot fall and was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, police say. They wouldn’t describe his condition, but say he is expected to recover.
Neighbors tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the homeowners and their two children purchased the home several months ago and are renovating the four-plex.
Authorities say this is a good reminder to protect your children by taking precautions—like putting child safety locks on windows—around the house.
North Philadelphia Tots Hurt in Fall From Second-Story Window
by KYW's Ian Bush
Two young siblings were hospitalized on Wednesday afternoon after falling out a second-floor window in a North Philadelphia home.
It happened just before 1pm at a home in the 2500 block of Bancroft Street.Officials say a four-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother fell through the window, and landed in the back lot.The Philadelphia Housing Authority owns and leases the property. Spokeswoman Trish Conrad says the windows were installed last fall. They'd since been inspected, and she says there's no record of any service requests:"In this type of window, the glass part -- the sash -- can be tilted in or removed for cleaning. While it's still under investigation, the window frame is still intact, so it appears the family removed the glass part -- the sash -- at some point, and that led to this tragedy."The little girl was unconscious when the two were taken to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. She was listed in serious condition. The boy was said to be in good condition.
The children's parents were in the home at the time.

Lukas Laboy

Addressing Child Safety After Boy Falls Out Window

Addressing Child Safety After Boy Falls Out Window2:25

By Marci Izard
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (abc40) On Monday night, a Springfield toddler died after falling out of a three story window on Kensington Avenue.
"He said I love you mom, you're my best buddy ... and that was the last thing he said," his mother, Alicia, told ABC40 on Tuesday.
Two year old Lukas Laboy was pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Center. It's a tragedy that Dr. Ronald Gross, Chief of the Division of Trauma and Emergency Services at Baystate Medical Center, says happens every year -especially in the summer.
"Unfortunately it's more common that we would like to think," he says.
According to Safe Kids Worldwide, every year, nearly four thousand kids, mostly toddlers, fall out of windows in the U.S. 28 percent of those require hospitalization - about a dozen die.
Dr. Gross says when it comes to child safety, window screens are not sufficient. He says the best option - is to buy window guards.
"They are mandated by law in New York and in Connecticut -for any second story building," he says.
Dr. Gross says other important child safety tips include: keeping furniture away from windows and opening windows from the top, instead of the bottom.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


In Loving Memory of
Izaiah Lee Anthony Fair
February 16, 2003- May 13, 2005

The weather is once again getting warmer.
Please pass this site on.

It could save a child’s life.

We will begin to hear news regarding children falling from open windows,

because of changes in the weather.

(Due to the economy and rising electricity cost. More people will open a window to cool off and some will just want some fresh air.)

I know this to be true because my son Izaiah fell out of his bedroom window, on May 13, 2005 and did not survive his injuries. He went through the mini-blinds, through the screen, and out of the window. His blinds were closed shut; but because the window was floor level. My son was not save in his bedroom.

He was not looking out his window, he sat on the floor in front of a huge lion stuffed animal. This was to distract him from ever sitting on the floor level window sill. Well being a toddler he leaned and rocked backwards talking on his play cell phone and went throught the closed blinds, screened window, and out to the ground two stories below.

what's really tragic is my son was about the third child to fall from this particular property. of which I was never informed. He later died at the hospital. My son did not survive his fall because he was not looking out the window. He just leaned back to his untimely death.

Most children who are in this type of accident usually survive because they are looking out the window, or in the window and see the fall happening. I guess there able to somehow break the fall.

My poor baby had no chance.

Needless to say we have won a settlement with this property management company.

But no amount of money will ever replace the loss of my precious little boy.

So this site is in memory of him, he would have turned six years old on February 16, 2009.

This site is hear to continue to talk to parents, and anyone willing to listen about window safety.

I will be posting information on the Izaiah's Books Foundation, very soon.

Please stay tuned!

Help me pass this on so that we can save someone else’s family from experiencing such a tragedy.
Thank You and God Bless.